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Release Notes for 2/5/2017

[ MISC ]
– The CS:GO executable and DLL binaries are now digitally signed. This allows for better integration with antivirus software and for game integrity checking.
— Mismatching signatures or running the game with the -insecure flag allows the game to load unsigned modules, but prevents connecting to VAC secure servers.
— The Steam client will validate and enforce csgo.exe’s digital signature at launch.
– Fixed a rare case when users UI could lose Prime Account status observed by some users staying logged in across weekly maintenance time period.
– Fixed a rare case where UI would incorrectly show a cheating conviction cooldown when a minorly disruptive cooldown was nearing its expiration.
– Fixed mp3 music playback on Linux.

– Added a new command logaddress_add_http to deliver server log reliably to the specified endpoint over HTTP POST.
– Subscribers must return HTTP 200 OK code to acknowledge buffer of log lines and advance to the next section of the log.
– Newly added subscribers will always get the log from the very beginning, and existing subscribers can request to restart log delivery from the very beginning by returning HTTP 205 Reset Content code.
– Subscribers can return HTTP 410 Gone code to unsubscribe from log delivery.
– Server must be logging to disk to use this feature.

– Integrated the latest version of blocked words database.
– Updated texture of P90 | Grim for Perfect World version.

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Re: Official CSGO Updates

Release Notes for 18/05/2017

– Expanded the official datacenter in South Africa.
– Fixed a regression where the game couldn’t start on Windows XP.
– Added game state integration output for timeouts and match pause.
– Added game state integration output for the bomb defuse countdown.
– Server ban list filter is now enforced in early stages of client connection packet handling.

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Re: Official CSGO Updates

Release Notes for 7/7/2017

[ KRAKOW 2017 ]
– Team stickers, team graffiti, and stickers autographed by CS:GO pro players are now available for purchase in-game, from the Steam Community Market, or from the 50 piece Mega Bundle on Steam. 50% of the proceeds go to the players and organizations at Krakow 2017.
– Adding Pick’Em for Krakow Major.

– Added a convar tv_allow_camera_man_override that must be set on the game server to allow camera man overrides. It is disabled by default, and reduces network traffic with single interactive caster.

– Added optional asynchronous audio mixing which allows for a smoother and lower latency audio experience. This is can be turned on using snd_mix_async 1. If this is turned on, snd_mixahead may also be set to a lower value such as 0.02. We will monitor community feedback on this feature before turning it on by default for all players.
– Made it possible to choose audio device to use in the settings menu.
– Sounds made by physics props and doors will now spatialize correctly when playing with HRTF enabled.

[ MISC ]
– Added client cvar “cl_deathnotices_show_numbers” which allows appending observer numbers to kill feed (0: defaults for no numbers, 1: to use just observer numbers in death notices, 2: append observer numbers in front of names in death notices).

– Updated the following community weapon finishes with normal maps:
— Glock-18 | Royal Legion
— M4A4 | Royal Paladin
— AUG | Aristocrat
— CZ75-Auto | Imprint
— Dual Berettas | Royal Consorts
— USP-S | Lead Conduit
— CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu
— PP-Bizon | Harvester
— M4A4 | Buzz Kill
— AWP | Phobos
— AK-47 | Fuel Injector
— Tec-9 | Fuel Injector
Thanks to Teo~, The Honey Badger, DasDas, Apêl, G-99Factory, and emu

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Re: Official CSGO Updates

Release Notes for 17/08/2017

Releasing update
– Shipping more changes to pistols with the goal of emphasizing skillful use of the weapons.
– Five-SeveN: The Five-SeveN has been adjusted to reward tactical positioning and defensive play.
— Slightly improved accuracy when firing several shots rapidly.
— Substantially reduced accuracy while moving.

– Prime status is now immediately granted to Perfect World accounts with identity verification.
– Enabled support for custom avatars in game.
– Enabled access to the developers console.

– Overhauled internal weapon data representation. (Thanks SlothSquadron and koga0995 for spotting unintended changes)
– Fixed an issue that caused players to not drop their 2nd flashbang if they are killed after throwing 1 flashbang during the round.
– Fixed an issue where sniper bots didn’t like the Scar20 (Thanks BOT Vitaliy!)
– Fixed an issue where buying non-weapon items would restock ammo for all your weapons.
– Fixed some corner cases where buying items via console could ignore the user’s loadout selection.
– Fixed an issue where attempting to drop undroppable items (like grenades) would count the item’s value towards the player’s “donations” for the round.
– Fixed a rare issue that could cause players to show incorrect holstered weapons.
– Fixed an issue where decoy grenades could make sounds from the wrong weapon.
– Fixed “buy” console command to list all options instead of being a hardcoded help string.
– Map editing: env_gunfire entities can now fire all weapon types (e.g. weapon_m4a1_silencer or weapon_revolver)
– Fixed a memory leak related to spectating.
– Adding ability to initiate trades from friend’s context menu.
– Improved map load times in some circumstances.

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Re: Official CSGO Updates

Release Notes for 7/9/2017

– Added an explanation to Overwatch griefing convictions that players can be convicted for not participating in the match for an extended period of time.

– Added support for asynchronously loading gift sender’s name for unacknowledged items received as a gift.
– Fixed an issue that prevented display items from getting unequipped in loadout.
– Applying a trade-restricted sticker will now also transfer its ‘Tradable After’ restriction to the weapon. If both the sticker and the weapon were sellable immediately on Steam Community Market then the weapon with the sticker will remain sellable immediately.

– Limited-time offers will now always be available to users launching the game.
– Limited-time offers will now always be replenished when one of them is purchased.

[ MISC ]
– For log-parsing, all disconnect messages will no longer contain a newline character.
– Added a plugin method IServerTools::CreateItemEntityByName which should be used when plugins need to create weapon entities by schema name.
– Fixed an issue that caused a client error “CL_ReadPreserveEnt: u.m_nNewEntity == MAX_EDICTS” on some community servers.
– Expanded server capacity for official datacenter in Tianjin, China.

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Re: Official CSGO Updates

Release Notes for 04/1/2018

[ BOSTON 2018 ]
– Flash Gaming is replacing Tyloo at the Boston 2018 Major:
— Flash Gaming stickers and graffiti are now available for purchase and are part of the ELEAGUE 2018 Boston CS:GO Major Championship Mega Bundle (the Mega Bundle no longer includes Tyloo).
— Boston 2018 Minor Challengers with Flash Gaming Autograph Capsule is now available (this capsule does not include Tyloo).
— Boston 2018 Minor Challengers with Flash Gaming (Holo/Foil) Capsule is now available (this capsule does not include Tyloo).
— The Tyloo Boston 2018 sticker is no longer a valid game piece for the Boston 2018 Pick’Em Challenge. Players who previously used a Tyloo sticker in the Pick’Em Challenge will need to make a new prediction.
— Updated in-game Boston 2018 signature for Ropz.

[ MISC ]
– In-game UI will correctly display subscribed Workshop maps in all versions of the game client.
– Enabled Steam Datagram Relays for 100% of game traffic to official game servers in Sweden.
– Fixed a bug where audio devices could sometimes not be changed properly in the settings menu.

[ MAPS ]
– Adjusted Wingman spawn positions on Overpass and Cobblestone.

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